TSU and the National University of Uzbekistan will strengthen their partnership

From May 30 to June 4, Tomsk hosted a delegation from the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek. The delegates (the rector, his adviser and the deans) spent most of their visit at TSU. They were particularly interested in the EdTech technologies developed by TSU (online platforms for teaching languages ​​and learning mathematics) and in TSU’s skills in training research project teams in the analysis of Big Data. Additionally, universities also discussed new dual degree programs.

National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek is one of the best universities in Uzbekistan. By government decree, NUU must enter the top 500 of international rankings by 2030. As of 2021, NUU is headed by Inom Madjidov, former Minister of Higher and Vocational Education of Uzbekistan. He is considered the architect of the ongoing reforms in higher education in Uzbekistan.

TSU and NUU started collaborating in 2019 with dual degree programs. For two years, students study at NUU, then transfer to TSU, upon completion receiving a diploma from each institution. Currently, the two universities intend to open new double degree programs with the Institute of Economics and Management (in Finance, Accounting and MBA-Agribusiness) and with the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (a double master’s program which will be a continuation of the already existing bachelor’s program).

During their stay, the rector and deans of NUU met with the rector of TSU, Eduard Galazhinskiy, representatives of the Higher School of Informatics, specialized faculties of physics and mathematics, the Faculty of Chemistry , Faculty of History and Political Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, Institute of Biology, Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Institute of Economics and Management and Laboratory of Medical Alloys and shape memory implants.

“One of the important tasks for NUU is to train teachers for schools and universities, especially teachers of physics. In mathematics, we can cooperate both in teaching and research – in 2022, NUU entered the QS Ranking by Subject in Mathematics. Overall, joint educational programs are the first important area of ​​our cooperation,” notes Artyom Rykun, TSU Vice Rector for International Affairs.

In addition, the delegation from Uzbekistan visited a seminar “Transforming the university: the experience of TSU” and a presentation of EdTech products developed by TSU.

“One of our strategic objectives was to present to NUU the technologies of our Distance Learning Institute: the AKTRU system for conducting lessons in a hybrid format and online platforms for learning English and Russian. The pandemic was not the cause of these inventions, but it has considerably accelerated the process. Our colleagues from Uzbekistan were interested in our technologies, they would love to use them,” says Artyom Rykun.

Another presentation was dedicated to the University Consortium of Big Data Researchers, with an excursion to TSU’s Cyberia Supercomputer Center. NUU representatives signed a memorandum of cooperation and took notes for the future NUU supercomputer lab.

The partnership between TSU and NUU will also open new opportunities in the business sector in agriculture, chemical production and IT.

“NUU’s rector was also very interested in our graduate school of computer science. He asked many questions after meeting Oleg Zmeev, director of the Higher School of Informatics. We hope that our local businesses will follow our IT people to Uzbekistan. The status of NUU and its rector are proof of the high reputation of the university in the country,” summed up Artyom Rykun.

Currently, 355 Uzbek students are studying at TSU. As of 2022, TSU has partnered with 19 Uzbek universities, with the most active partnerships being the National University of Uzbekistan, Samarkand State University, and Andijan State University.