TOMSK, February 15. /Then 24/. Devices for the synthesis, supply and monitoring of nitric oxide “Tianox” will be supplied to respiratory hospitals in Tomsk for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 during the year. The devices are needed to simplify nitric oxide treatment technology for respiratory failure, Viktor Selemir, directorRead More →

In the Russian Far East there remains a great mixture of Christianity and paganism. Orthodox priests in the countryside engage in shamanic practices. Pagan folklore seen as a spectacle of “popular culture”. Orthodox clergy and shamans “combined” against the Covid. Moscow (AsiaNews) – A survey of the site Sibir RealiiRead More →

In recent days, the fires have spread to 6,300 hectares. The biggest fire hit the province of Enisej. Greenpeace Russia: The situation could get worse. Russian expert: non-existent prevention throughout the country. In 2019, 9 million hectares of forest went up in smoke. Moscow (AsiaNews) – The first week ofRead More →