Opening of a center for the development and assessment of engineering management skills in Tomsk – Society and culture

TOMSK, December 6. /TASS/. Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) will open its new skills center, where engineering students will be tested for their management skills and then receive individual programs to develop their talents, the university’s press service said on Monday. .

“Tomsk Polytechnic University has joined the project of the Presidential Platform “Russia – Land of Opportunities” to create centers for the assessment and development of supra-professional skills in Russian universities. Students will be tested on the skills and competences in leadership and management in the centers Student profiles will be created on the basis of the results of these tests, serving as a basis for the different personal educational trajectories offered to the students and helping to select the educational programs “, – indicates the report.

It is specified that the methodological support and the preparation of the necessary materials for individual educational programs will be provided by the ANO “Russia – Land of Possibilities”, educational streams will be created by universities in collaboration with the Department of Methodology and Evaluation of the ANO.

Currently, students of Tomsk universities can take tests on the project’s digital platform and assess their orientation to results, emotional intelligence, ability to analyze information and make decisions, customer orientation, literacy digital skills, their communication skills and other skills.

“After passing the test, students will have a digital skills profile, which will be available not only to the student, but also to employers. And employers, for their part, will be able to suggest some changes, adding necessary skills or ‘upgrading’ those that already exist. And it will be the task of the university to train skills that are really in demand by our students,” the report said, citing Denis Chaikovsky, director of TPU at the School of Core Engineering Education.

Opening of centers in Russia

At present, the presidential platform “Russia – Land of Opportunities” has signed cooperation agreements with 38 Russian universities, it is planned to sign another 18 agreements. In 2021-2022, it is planned to open more than 25 university competence centers, which will test around 150,000 students. By 2023, “Russia – Land Opportunities” plans to open at least 75 skills assessment centers in Russian universities and assess the skills of about 300,000 students. More than 80 leading employers are already participating in the project.

About the platform

The ANO “Russia – Land of Opportunities” was created on the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The main goals of the organization: to create conditions for increased social mobility, personal and professional development of citizens, as well as the creation of effective social mobility in Russia. The organization’s supervisory board is chaired by Vladimir Putin.

ANO “Russia – Land of Opportunities” is developing a platform of the same name, bringing together 26 projects, including the “Leaders of Russia” managers competition, the “Leaders of Russia. Politics” competition, the “I am a Professional” competition all – Russian student competition, the “Your Move” competition, the international competition “My First Business” and the all-Russian competition “Big Change”.