McDonald’s Russia becomes ‘Tasty and that’s it’ (Vkusno i Tocka)

New name (“Tasty and that’s it”, which in Russian translates to “Vkusno i Tocka”), new logo and above all new owner for the 850 McDonald’s restaurants in Russia, after the American company’s decision to leave the Russian market . And yesterday, Russian Constitution Day, was set for the reopening of the new chain’s first restaurant, located in Moscow’s Pushkinskaya Square, where McDonald’s first Russian restaurant opened in 1990. And, how the photos taken exclusively from our correspondent are able to declare, the long queues have been restored.

Farewell to the old imagery of the pitched-roof house, replaced by a duller mirrored wall, and by the new logo, in which the golden arches have been replaced by a red circle next to two angled orange bars.

Alexander Gorov, a Siberian entrepreneur in the mining industry and in various businesses (hotels, restaurants, Inrusinvest holding company), a real McDonald’s franchise in Siberia (which owns 25 restaurants), is the new owner of McDonald’s assets in Russia, through his Sistema Pbo Company . According to what circulated in the Russian media, the agreement was signed on May 19e after a quick negotiation with McDonald’s, reserving the right to buy the chain after a period of 15 years.

The economic terms of the transaction, however, were not disclosed.

In an interview with Forbes Russia, Govor said he wanted to reopen all restaurants within two months and announced a plan to open 20 more locations in 2022 alone, and expects to reach 1,000 in the next few years. . The management of the American company has been confirmed, starting with the general management by Oleg Paroev, who manages the reopening of restaurants.

Govor, owner of McDonald’s Siberia since 2015, with locations in the Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk and Altai regions, confirmed that he had already taken over the 51,000 employees of the former McDonald’s network.