Japan-US-Korea alliance: Beijing fears a new security architecture in East Asia

Some members of the US Congress, especially Republicans, are advocating for the US to take a tougher stance on the Ukraine dispute. A Republican Party official is demanding the head of President Putin, while others are demanding that US jets be sent to Ukraine, an imposed no-fly zone and an escalation of the formidable Russian embargo. In Western hegemony, Ukraine is nothing more than bait to drag Russia into the abyss. Those in the United States and those outside the United States are well aware of the destructive nature of hegemonic methods.

During his tenure, President Donald Trump, who was part of the more militant wing of the ruling elite, failed to achieve the goal of his trade war with China. The failed attempts to provoke and exacerbate the Chinese conflict were mainly due to the strained relations between the United States and most of its allies at the time, as well as the posturing of President Putin, who discouraged the United States. United to continue their provocative efforts.

With respect to the shaping of US foreign policy, it was evident that this group of large arms corporations (as well as lobby groups that directly or indirectly benefit from policies aimed at increasing tensions in international) topped the list. After his attempts to stoke tensions with China failed, he resorted under President Joe Biden to focusing on Russia as the center of his rivalry.

After all these years, the ultimate goal remains the same: to thwart China’s rise to global prominence and prevent Russia from regaining its former position as the world’s preeminent power after the collapse of the Soviet Union and its subsequent dissolution. . A simple change in the order of power, starting with China or Prussia, is all that has happened. To express his goal of restoring Russia’s global influence, President Putin did not simply wake up one day and make it his mission to do so.

When we look back at the expansions of the Atlantic Alliance in Central and Eastern Europe, we can see how far it has come since it took power. Before Russia’s influence reached Equatorial Africa, he picked up his country’s growth practice. He was aware of recent developments in Ukraine. Ukraine is not just another European country, but an integral part of the Russian cultural, imperial, religious and security body, regardless of the color of its reign or the extent of its regional and international duties.

Russia’s political elite, including the intelligence community, has long believed that when the United States intended to pluck Russia’s feathers from Putin; it will start in Ukraine rather than in Georgia and Chechnya. During the Trump administration, however, as well as, albeit with much less focus, during the Biden era, it became clear that China tried and succeeded in escaping many American trappings. America’s battle with Russia has rendered President Joe Biden unavailable for use in the country’s dispute with China. This is not to say that Chinese scholars had not anticipated that America would launch its hot or cold fights with its Russian and Chinese adversaries as soon as American infrastructure was ravaged and damaged.

In the end, the Russians expected Washington to view them as less of a threat than the Chinese, but it wouldn’t have started with Russia until the Atlantic alliance got together and got together. not joined the United States. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is still keen not to be dragged into serious international crises, whether with neighbors or non-Asians, despite numerous changes in Chinese foreign policy.

There is no doubt that the wisdom of Deng Xiaoping still rules and binds the CCP under President Xi Jinping. According to Chinese policymakers, the United States aims to “stop the rise of China” at all costs, both in its declared strategy and in the rules of its undeclared policies. If “China’s ambitions and its growing influence on all continents” are not checked by “armed force”, the United States should try to restore “absolute unipolarity” after the Soviet break-up, by all means, including armed force.

In other words, the Ukrainian crisis is a long-awaited lesson for Russia, while it serves as a first and indirect one for China. This means that Beijing was right not to align itself with Moscow as a full and integrated partner in this battle. If the pillars of American power had been united, the trap set in Ukraine could have spread to Russia and China at the same time. Moreover, China has made no mistake in its future actions, such as investing in global reactions, to accurately assess the circumstances of its next steps.

It is well known to historians that China likes to reuse the words, opinions and experiences of famous people throughout its long history. When China was just beginning to develop, for example, they helped start the positive neutrality movement and later served as its leader. In the wake of the Ukraine crisis, phrases attributed to Zhou Enlai, the premier of China’s mid-century revolution, have returned to the forefront of China’s position today; such as “peaceful coexistence” and “non-interference in the internal affairs of other nations” were broadcast.

In light of the current Ukrainian problem, it is crucial to point out that developing countries have reestablished these ideals to explain the outrage of their governments and peoples at the hegemonic conflicts perpetrated by the American and Russian poles. When the two adults and their little victims argue, chaos ensues. If developing countries repeat such incendiary slogans or old-fashioned beliefs, China will recognize that they have an important role to play.

All the views of the developing world on the Ukrainian issue have been made public, and they denounce both sides. There were two major parties: one led by America, which invaded its own armies, invading sovereign countries and not seeking Security Council authorization to do so, and the other led by Russia. , which also intervened with armies to invade sovereign countries and did not seek authorization from the Security Council. Thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes due to the occupation of neighboring Ukraine.

It is true that China, as an ascendant rebel pole, is called upon to take the lead in a movement initiated by independent and non-aligned countries to eliminate hegemony and colonialism. World peace can only be established or stabilized if Russia and the United States reject bigotry by insisting that international summits remain the exclusive domain of white people, as China has demonstrated. The crisis in Ukraine has been and continues to be revealing. First, he exposed Europe’s human rights deception to the people of the developing world by separating the blue-eyed white IDP from the brown and yellow IDP.

First and foremost: it made clear that, as in the first major European crises, China and its narrow-eyed yellow people are unfathomable as the leader of a world still ruled by forces that practice racism. There were striking similarities between the United States’ handling of the Ukraine issue, as well as Russia and its European neighbors, and its handling of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The conflict in Ukraine could take several different directions. The fate that awaits the world if the United States and other European countries continue to endanger Russia or follow a more serious path is the most serious and dangerous of them. This is where we hope that China, dependent on the support of the developing world, will step in to save the West from itself, avoid the murder of Ukraine, set Russia on a new course than it has never followed before and bring hope to the developing world. world in a future without hegemony or tyranny.