Enviro appoints Alpner as site manager for its Swedish factories…

  • R&D isoprene recovered from Bridgestone

    Bridgestone Corporation announced the launch of a joint research and development program with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Tohoku University, ENEOS Corporation and JGC HOLDINGS CORPORATION. This program aims to develop chemical recycling technologies that use used tires to achieve high yield production of isoprene, a raw material for synthetic rubber. Learn all about Bridgestone’s history with the full article on tire and rubber recycling here.

  • ETRA is looking for papers to present at the conference

    ETRA is looking for papers to present at the conference

    The final theme of the ETRA conference, New Market Partnerships after 2020: Overcoming the Obstacles, will illustrate some of the extraordinary progress that has been made in the tire recycling industries and highlight its exciting role in the future as part of the economy. circular. many challenges to take its place in the circular economy and is ready to face new ones in the future. This year, the Conference will focus on exploring these new challenges with the aim of identifying…

  • Sole Trainers with Indosole

    Sole Trainers with Indosole

    In 2004, Indosole founder Kyle Parson came into contact with billions of used car tires while traveling through Indonesia. Car tires are a breeding ground for deadly diseases and have a major impact on our environment. Indosole has found a better solution to this problem by recycling them and then using them as the base for the outsole of all slippers. Indosole saves 1.5k tires a day from landfill by turning them into the soles of flip flops. on tire and rubber recycling on Indosole here.

  • Russian Plasma Tire Recycling

    Russian Plasma Tire Recycling

    A group of scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University in Russia have devised a new method for recycling used tires using “artificial lightning”, the Polytechnic University said in a statement posted on its website. The researchers claimed that their method is effective, will help tire manufacturers save money on tire recycling and produce environmentally friendly fuel. Enjoy the full story on artificial lighting with the full history of tire and rubber recycling here.

  • Tires back on Semperit site

    Tires back on Semperit site

    Christian Konvalina developed the site of the former Semperit tire factory. Its used tire recycling plant produces valuable raw materials, including for new tires. In Austria and Germany alone, 700,000 tonnes of old tires are thrown away every year. The promoter from Traiskirchen in the district of Baden in Lower Austria converts the raw material into gas, oil and carbon black recovered from the symbolic site of the former Semperit factory. Discover the whole history of Semperit here with Tire & Rubber Recycling…