Doctor becomes first Nigerian to graduate from Russian university

Doctor, Justin Chukwudi Olewuezi has become the first Nigerian to graduate from Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk in Russia.

In an exclusive interview with LINE BLOWOlewuezi revealed that few Nigerians and Africans come to this part of Russia from elsewhere, preferring the western part of the country.

The trip

Dr. Olewuezi’s journey to Russia began in Nigeria at the Air Force Comprehensive School in Enugu.

After twice passing the United Tertiary Matriculation Examination organized by the Joint Admission Matriculation Board and scoring 247 and 260 respectively, without gaining admission to a Nigerian university, he decided to aim abroad.

He said that with the help of his mother, he was able to achieve his dreams.

Olewuezi said, “I always wanted to study abroad and obviously make something of myself at the Air Force Comprehensive School, Enugu. So, after failing to get admitted twice even with JAMB scores 247 and 260 respectively, I decided to study abroad. So, after talking with a Russian-trained doctor (Dr Okere, then a medical student), I decided to give it a go.

“My trip to Russia actually started at a polytechnic university, Tomsk Polytechnic University, where I studied Russian language and some science subjects also in Russian language. Then I moved to Tomsk Medical University. ‘State of Siberia, Tomsk (@ssmutomsk).

Arrival in Tomsk

Dr Olewuezi says he has his sister to thank for her wise thought and decision to buy him a winter jacket as he entered the country at the start of winter, which can be quite extreme in the country.

To be the first Nigerian at Tomsk University

He said, “Yes, I am. In fact, many Africans did not pass through this city 6-10 years ago and most African/Nigerian students preferred to study in the western part of Russia.

“My university was founded in 1888, so it is 133 years old.”

Top grades

Not only is Dr. Olewuezi the first Nigerian at the Siberian State Medical University in Tomsk, but he also got top marks from the university.

“I graduated with a 5.0 cgpa in 5.0 grading system,” he said.

Medicine chose him

In one of his Instagram posts, Dr Olewuezi revealed that medicine was not his original career but the profession chose him.

Asked about this position, he said: “I was in a technical/scientific class at the air force comprehensive school, but I realized later that engineering was not for me. (I wasn’t really into math and extra math) so when it came time to fill out my JAMB form, I decided to go for human anatomy.

“I asked my mother for advice, and she told me why not go to medicine, that I shouldn’t be afraid of anything. But I was afraid of the competition. And since then, I’ve been thinking about becoming an oncologist. So, in a way, medicine chose me.

Jollof rice and Russian grandparents

Emphasizing that the city of Tomsk is a city for students, the new doctor claims that the city is “a really friendly city for local and international students.

“My experience was quite memorable. I made some good friends, especially with locals and I think the nicest people on earth are Russian grandparents😊.

“I have also had pleasant and less pleasant experiences during my clinical practice. The food here is quite different from ours, but there are ingredients to prepare “Naija jollof”.

Family history

Thanking his mother, who is now retired, for her success, Dr Olewuezi, who is the last of three children, said his mother understood the importance of education and was ready to go the extra mile to educate her children. .

He said: “My older brother is an urban planner and planner with a doctorate and my sister is a civil engineer with a master’s degree in education. My family is not rich, so you can understand how much my mother had to work to allow me to go to medical school. My mother is my success story. She is now retired. (sic)

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