In the Russian Far East there remains a great mixture of Christianity and paganism. Orthodox priests in the countryside engage in shamanic practices. Pagan folklore seen as a spectacle of “popular culture”. Orthodox clergy and shamans “combined” against the Covid. Moscow (AsiaNews) – A survey of the site Sibir RealiiRead More →

A secret European intelligence report has concluded that the Chechen security services were most likely behind the 2020 attempted murder in Sweden of a dissident Chechen blogger. Tumso Abdurakhmanov, an exiled critic of Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov, barely survived a hammerhead attack last year in a bizarre assassination attempt thatRead More →

The FabLab (from “fabrication lab”) opened at TSU on November 19. This center helps in the development of creative engineering and new educational contexts. Thanks to the equipment of the new laboratory, students can experiment with new high-tech solutions and acquire skills in project management and cutting-edge technologies. “This spaceRead More →

The 11the November was the inauguration of Ponsse’s new service center in Tomsk, Russia. Large stocks of spare parts and efficient logistics will provide customers with short service times and fast deliveries of spare parts. Ponsse expands in Russia According to a Press release of Ponsse, the investment of 2.5Read More →

TOMSK, Russia — When Sergei Samborsky learned from a patient at the Infectious Diseases Hospital in this Siberian city that his 84-year-old grandmother, an Alzheimer’s patient being treated in the isolation ward for COVID-19, was not fed or cared for properly, he became desperate. He begged hospital workers to letRead More →